Who we are

Strategic Consulting and having fun

Not just another consultant

I am sure you have all heard about consultants who promise to magically transform your business in 3 easy steps.  The truth is in today's digital world businesses need to have clearly defined Strategic Business and Marketing plans in order to thrive. At Creelman Strategy Partners we welcome the opportunity to meet and learn about your business. Then, together we can decide what may be your best course of action for developing, growing, or enhancing your business. My goal as your Strategic Consultant is to understand your business, your goals, and help develop a plan to reach those goals. 

Throughout my 25 year career in Sales and Marketing, I have focused on how to develop and grow my business, territory, and product lines in both domestic and international markets. Creelman Strategy Partners was created to help individuals tackle the challenges of creating and implementing Strategic Business and Marketing plans so they can achieve the success envisioned at the start. 


I reside in Lake St. Louis, MO with my wife and two kids. In my free time I can be found volunteering at church, riding my bike, golfing, and training for triathlons.​

Why the cycling theme

I became an cycling fan back in the 80's while watching Greg LeMond win his first Tour de France.  I am a proponent of expanding access to bicycling to everyone and look to use my consulting business as a way to increase awareness of cycling.  Another reason for the bicycle theme is bicycles are the most efficient human powered machine.  99% of the power supplied through the pedals is transferred to the wheels to move you forward.  This is a perfect analogy for what Strategic Business and Marketing Plans should be doing for your business; transforming your hard work into real results.  And at the end of the day, whether on a trail/track/road, going fast and having fun is what I love about cycling!


Mission trip to Costa Rica


Enjoying the road


Golfing with my wife